Contact us for a quotation for UltimateQ™ Enterprise, where you can build your own ultimate feedback system, which might include some consulting services provided by HealthConex. These services can be particularly important in times of transition and growth, or increased competition. Set your practice apart!

Custom Surveys

We can work with you to create a feedback matrix that will deliver on your custom data requirements with ease. 

Form Builder

Our form builder feature will enable you to generate an online form with the data you require for new patients. This will allow you to directly export the data in a format you can easily transfer into your practice management software. This feature can improve the overall patient experience and result in a higher patient referral probability.

Patient Focus Groups

Our Patient Focus Group service will provide a supported opportunity for more targeted and in-depth information pertaining to a particular practice interest to be obtained. We support the whole process ensuring patient anonymity. 

Custom Reporting

With custom reporting you can be assured an independent assessment of recommended actions based on feedback received. We can take the information received, analyse trends and unacceptable risks, and create a suggested action plan for communication with your team. If required these actions can then be workshopped in a Practice Focus Group to achieve buy-in. 

Practice Focus Groups

Our supported Practice Focus Group program will connect your management team with an expert in quality improvement systems to workshop your feedback into meaningful practice improvement activities, including preparing an action plan and determining resourcing to achieve these actions. 

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