Hardware Options

We have hardware options to suit every practice. All Hardware Packs are $1495 each inclusive of GST and delivery, and include iPad pre-loaded with UltimateQTM survey. Our stands are highly secure and durable and feature a strong yet minimal frame with internal cable management and a lockable faceplate. To help you decide, please use our guide to which stand is right for my practice (see below). All hardware packs are supplied subject to acceptance of the HealthConex Hardware Agreement and can only be purchased as an add-on to a premium subscription.  

Floorstand Kiosk

Includes alloy lockable iPad stand, iPad pre-loaded with UltimateQTM survey and USB-C charging cable.
Stand measuring: 135cm high, 33cm width
Weight: 5.40 kg

Freestanding Desk Kiosk

Includes alloy lockable freestanding desk iPad stand, iPad pre-loaded with UltimateQTM survey, USB-C charging cable and cable lock.
Recommended counter height: 75 - 110cm
Stand measuring: 26cm high, 30cm width
Weight: 1.80 kg

Screw-mount Kiosk Desk/Wall

Includes alloy lockable screw-mount iPad stand for desk or wall mount, iPad pre-loaded with UltimateQTM survey, and USB-C charging cable. Recommended counter height: 75 - 110cm, Recommended wall mounting height: 90 - 110cm, Stand measuring: 26cm high, 30cm width, Weight: 1.80 kg

Which stand is right for my practice?

There are three stand options for the UltimateQTM survey: A screw mount which can be attached to either a desk or wall, a freestanding desk stand with supplied cable lock (Fig 1) and a floor stand. They all require a power source. In selecting which stand is right for your practice please consider the following:
  1. What location will be prominent and enable patients who have just seen the doctor to see the survey?
    Selecting the location first will help you to clarify which stands are really an option.
  2. Does your practice reception area have space for a stand that takes up floor area? 
    If you haven't got available floor space we have two desk stands to choose from.
  3. Will the stand impede access to wheelchairs entering the practice?
    If free space for wheelchair movement will be an issue select from the two desk options.
  4. Where is the power source you intend to use located and is the cord going to cause a trip hazard in this location?
    A location close to a wall will most likely be essential for this reason.
  5. Is there space at the reception desk for patients to stand and fill in the survey?
    If not an area further away may be more suitable.
  6. Does the area you have chosen have a good wi-fi signal?
    Wi-fi is essential for both set up and day to day function of the survey.
  7. Is the area you have selected easily supervised by reception staff?
    Whilst the survey is locked down and the floorstand kiosk is reasonably heavy visual supervision is preferable.
  8. Are children likely to try and play with the device in the location you have chosen?
    The iPad will be locked to the survey but still may pose a distraction to children.
  9. Are you willing to use a power drill to install the stand?
    If not select either the floorstand or freestanding desk kiosk.
  10. Is theft likely to be a problem in your practice?
    If so consider how you will secure and monitor the stand.
Figure 1 Keyed Cable Lock - The Cable Lock is made from a coiled galvanized steel cable and coated in a durable and soft to touch plastic coating. The cable is 190cm in length, allowing you to secure your stand in most environments. Consider what you might secure the stand to.

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