Discover the online patient feedback system like no other, giving SMART feedback that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.

The solution for busy practices
  • Make feedback part of your daily routine 
  • Easy to navigate, user friendly and fully supported
  • Saves time, doesn’t add to your workload
  • Concise and up-to-date reporting - results are immediately available
  • Highlights the gaps (risk management)
  • Survey link is available to incorporate into your systems or use the QR code
  • The UltimateQ™ system exceeds accreditation requirements
  • Drives improvements - see how patient feedback can work for you 
Realtime Dashboard Data
Hardware Options
Hardware Options
Hardware Options
Easy Survey Setup

UltimateQ™ is more than a patient feedback system.

It combines the Patient Satisfaction Score (PSS), an accreditation-ready patient experience survey and an analytics engine that delivers easy to understand and actionable insights. Using real time data, you can track how your patients really see you, all while bench marking yourself against other practices. 

And when it comes to accreditation time, no more scrambling to get patients to complete a paper-based questionnaire that you would normally need to manually collect.

For Patients the UltimateQ™ is
  • An opportunity to give feedback to your practice
  • Timely feedback in action (see your feedback improve your practice)
  • Quick, easy, simple, to the point
  • Accessible from any device and flexible to be used at a time that suits
  • Anonymous

For Enterprise UltimateQ™
  • Enables advanced comparison  
  • Provides a real-time gauge of performance and risk
  • Can be leveraged in promotion for both recruitment and sales
  • Completely customisable
  • Fully supported

Ask away. We are here to help.

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