Do you have a User Guide to help me?

Don't worry if you're not technical, we have a plain english user guide which will make sure you have everything you need.

Can I use the survey for practice accreditation?

Yes. The UltimateQ™ is intended to be part of a complete quality feedback system for the practice. In addition to the UltimateQTM real time survey, on request we will also build for premium subscribers a complimentary practice-specific standard long accreditation survey in a format that you can use to meet accreditation requirements.

Can our practice email the link to patients?

Absolutely. Once you subscribe the survey link is yours to do what you wish with.

Can our practice share results / patient satisfaction score to socials as a marketing tool?

Of course, you may want to share your results as they will value add to your practice, and this again is at the practice’s discretion.

What’s the process?

Once you select and pay for the subscription you will automatically gain access to your survey (lite and premium plans), or if you selected our enterprise plan you will be contacted for a design and quotation. You can use the survey straight away by printing the posters via the dashboard, which you will receive a login for when you subscribe. Results can be accessed, and actioned, in real time. There are also templates available to help you keep your patients informed on your actions against their feedback. 

What’s a hardware pack?

Hardware packs consist of an iPad and stand (and associated items such as charging cables). You can find out more on our Hardware Options page. Hardware packs are only available in conjunction with a premium subscription.

Can you analyse my data for me?

Yes. With custom reporting you can be assured an independent assessment of recommended actions based on feedback received. We can take the information received, analyse trends and unacceptable risks, and create a suggested action plan for communication with your team. If required these actions can then be workshopped in a Practice Focus Group to achieve buy-in. Contact us for a quotation.  

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