Feedback Fridays


Regularly addressing feedback asa team can solve a lot of potential headaches well before the potential of a'snowballing out of control' effect!  A weekly check-in with your team will give everyone the opportunity to better understand how your patients perceive your practice, the service you deliver, and what problems may need to be solved to do better in the future.  This is also an opportune time to celebrate the wins.

Your weekly team check-in may be done as a huddle, a group email, a post on your office intranet - or whatever method that suits your team best.

On each Feedback Friday, look in your UltimateQ dashboard to see over the last week the top result for two of the main questions:

1.      What did we do well?

2.      In what areas could we improve?

(Yes, I hear you say “what need's urgent attention now” isn’t mentioned here – but that is probably a subject fora team meeting and/or a longer discussion!)

Include a couple of highlight comments that stand out for the week (from your csv download). I am talking ones that don’t just say “good”, but ones that have been the result of a bit more effort on behalf of the patient. Praise that makes it personal. Or a really well thought out suggestion.

If you’re up for continuing the theme you might opt for making Fridays the day for bigheartedly addressing those areas that might need attention with your colleagues.

Building a healthy culture of feedback might be a challenge to start with, but it opens doors to greater transparency, improvement and trust and gives your team a well-deserved appreciation shout out.


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